Volunteer at the Festival

Join the Festival team! A great way of meeting the locals and getting a huge hit of culture is by volunteering.


If you're a local and wanting to get more involved in the arts and culture of the community, or a traveller wanting to immerse yourself in a new culture, then we would love to have you!


If you want to join the team,please fill out the 'Volunteer Application' registration. We will then send you an email with dates, times and roles to select from.

Some roles are:

1. Ticket sellers at the door/gate or checking tickets or collecting gold coins

2. Artist helpers- setting up artist green rooms (chairs, tables, mirrors, snacks, water, etc, making sure they get their meals) 

3. Crew helpers- making sure they have iced water and cups on site, making sure they get their meals, making sure sunscreen is on site

4. Keeping venues clean- bathrooms, rubbish

5. Supporting events - checking tickets, setting chairs, info

6. Cultural Day helpers- cooking roo tail, making damper, art store sellers.

7. Youth spaces - assisting workshop providers, keeping space clean.