Putting on a Show

Planning to put on a show at the Desert Harmony Festival? Here is some information before you apply.


- Timeline: The Festival runs for 1 day.

- Flavour: The Festival has a different theme each year.

- Weather: Despite being in Winter the days are hot and its usually windy until                          5pm and then the temperature drops to be cold. 

- Language: We are a diverse community (with up to 16 different Aboriginal                                  language groups in the region and at times have up to 50 different                            multicultural groups).

- Audience: 70% of our population are Indigenous and a majority of our                                       population are youth

- Focus: The town has a high proportion of government services which                                  creates transient residents and priorities around aligned focus/messages                (e.g- Domestic Violence, Drug & Alcohol, Mental Health, Nutrition,                            Disability etc). The health and wellbing of our community is our highest                  importance.

- Interest: The region is known for its diverse Indigenous history, rich mining                             history & pastoral history.

Geography: We are a remote, isolated, arid desert community (creating high                                transport costs and having limited services)

- Function: The Desert Harmony Festival has 4 major functions that we reflect in                        our programming:

                   1) Be a platform for the people in the Barkly to share their art, skills,                                ideas, language and culture with an audience

                   2) Provide high quality entertainment for the local community to enjoy

                   3) Promote a positive profile of the region for visitors and provide                                them with a positive experience.

                   4) Inspire community collaboration and connectivity


- Barkly community and NT artists and organisations

- The Desert Harmony Festival prioritises selecting interstate shows that have a community development opportunity attached to its show. 


Contact our Festival and Events Team for an application form.

e | events@barklyarts.com.au

p | 08 8962 2799