2016 Festival news

Catch the community bus!

Relax and let the community bus take you to Festival events and drop you home. 

Particularly on Saturday and Sunday night if you are thinking of having a drink.

Please book ahead!

Bus timetable attached here


Flying Trapeze- Book in Now!

Begins Monday 18th July, TC Primary School Oval, Tennant Creek

Feel the breeze in your hair as you learn to fly through the Barkly sky.

If you would like a little more thrill in your mornings, then this is the

activity for you. The professional flyers from Fly Factory, will guide you

step by step on the flying rig and have you flying on the trapeze. 

Open to all people and age. If you have a disability but have some

upper body strength our flyers can even lift you up to the trapeze. 


This is a great activity for your colleagues to bond, laugh and support

one another through some fun. Holly and Steen from ‘Fly Factory’ will

guide each person from the ground, up the rig and on to the trapeze to

have you feeling the Barkly Breeze as you fly, (safely and strapped in)

through the sky. This activity is great for boosting confidence,

breaking through barriers and raising team morale. 

Book up to 10 people in your organisation for a free flying session. 

Do you have young people that will be looking for things to do these July holidys?

This is a once only opportunity for our community to experience flying trapeze. Book them in for a free flying trapeze lesson. 

Dates | Monday 18th July- Friday 22nd July. Time | 9am-11am & 12-2pm 



Raise awareness about a health issue this Festival. Select one person from your organisation to compete in a ‘Fly Off’. The competitors will have 2 sessions with ‘Fly Factory’ to learn flying trapeze on Saturday July 24th (12-2pm) and Friday July 29th (12-2pm). The ‘Fly Off’ will happen at the Desert Harmony Festival opening event on Friday July 29th at 6:30pm. Before each person flies they will be given the mic to talk about the health issue they are promoting. 



For those wanting the ultimate experience and try something new, be a part of creating a local trapeze show. Participants will undergo daily training to learn the art of trapeze and 

begin to craft out a performance piece with the trapeze artists from ‘Fly Factory’. This is a once only opportunity so DON’T MISS OUT! 

This opportunity is for 10 people, all ages welcome. 


MUST BOOK!, please email, Barkly Regional Arts, Artistic Director,

Kathy Burns. E | artisticdirector@barklyarts.com.au M | 0401 620 380

This could be you!!!!!

For Fit-Dis Sake

 The 2016 theme, ‘Healthy Eating, Healthy Living’, is to encourage the community to keep living a healthy lifestyle or begin living one.


‘For Fit-Dis Sake’ is a new activity in the Festival in which we are making 'dreams' come true! 

Everyone is encouraged to JOIN the Fo Fit-Dis Sake team and support a person with a disability to have their 'dream' come true.

Teams raise funds by undertaking fitness activties and asks people to donate through our Everyday Hero account.

Throughout the progarm we will let you know who you are raising funds for, if you don't already have someone to support.

Teams have until Monday August 1st to undertake as many fitness activities as possible to raise funds.

There will be an award ceremony on Monday August 1st., 3:30pm at Peko Park. Bonus money prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place.

Join our Everyday Hero team now to start raising funds.


Culture Queen

Our Culture Queen, Tshanka Storey shows you the various culture activities that you can experience while in Tennant Creek.

This is the third TV Commercial for the Desert Harmony Festival and we invite you to not just frive through but stay and experience what the community has to offer.

Tennant Creek is Warumungu country and when you visit you can head straight to Nyinkka Nyunyu art and culture centre and take the audio tour to elarn all about this country. Nyinkka Nyunyu surrounds the scared site and inside the centre see artwork and artefacts from this country.

If you want to get a bit more adventurous, then jump on a horse and go for a bush tucket trail ride with Jerry Kelly.

So stay another night and experience Tennant Creek. 


Festival Ambassadors

Our Festival theme of 'Healthy Eating, Healthy Living', means that we will be having a major focus around sugar. As part of our committment to this major focus, we are so excited to announce our Festival ambassadors this year are Damon Gamaeu and Zoe Tuckwell-Smith.


Damon is the creator of the internationally known documentary, That Sugar Film. THAT SUGAR FILM started as one man's journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar. Damon Gameau embarked on a unique experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, consuming only foods that are commonly perceived, or promoted to be 'healthy’.


Damon and Zoe will spend 5 days with us in Tennant Creek during the Festival, working with our community to help us reduce the amount of sugar we consume. They will fly courtesy of Airnorth Airlines (Festival Supporters)


Damon Gamaeu and Zoe Tuckwell-Smith and Velvet.

Working togther

The Desert Harmony Festival is delighted to be working with BP Tennant Creek in 2016. BP have come on board as our 'Bronze' Arts and Health partners. 


We are creating a number of exciting food events around 'no sugar'. These include 'That Sugar Healthy Luncheon', 'BP World Kitchen' cook offs and most exciting of all, supporting us to bring 2 incredible ambassadors to the Festival: Damon Gamaeu and Zoe Tuckwell-Smith (That Sugar Film).


Together we are creating a healthier community.

Working togther

Welcome aboard Airnorth airlines as our 'Festival Supporters'. Airnorth is contributing funds towards this years 'Health Ambassadors', Damon Gamaeu and Zoe Tuckwell-Smith to travel to Tennant Creek.


As part of this sponsorship Damon and Zoe will begin to have conversations with Airnorth airlines in regards to the food and beverages served on board the airline to help play a part in reducing diabetes, obesity and high sugar intakes in the remote communities the airline serves. 


If you have friends and family who wish to visit Tennant Creek during the Festival, please consider booking a ticket through Airnorth airlines to see the beautiful landscape from above and enjoy more time with your loved ones rather than in a hire car. 


The Athlete

For those 'experience seeking' travellers, who are going on an adventure through the NT, make sure you stop in & experience Tennant Creek.  


Our latest series of tourism commercials feature a young 'Greenie Beanie' who is passionate about the arts, fitness, culture and health. The commercials show 'experience seeking' travellers a range of activities to get involved in and places to go all year round. 


The first of four TV Commercials released is 'The Athlete'. 

Click here to see what the 'special offer' is. 

Working togther

The Desert Harmony Festival is extremely grateful to be working with Centrecorp again in 2016. Centrecorp have been sponsoring the Festival for a number of years and will be our 'Festival Supporter' this year too. 


Centrecorp are committed to provide benevolent relief to young Aboriginal people whose aspirations and capabilities are constrained by disadvantaged circumstances. As well as to enhance the capacities of Aboriginal people to participate fully in vocational, professional, commercial, cultural and social life.


This year Centrecorp are supporting 'Camp Harmony'. This is a 3-day Sports, art and culture camp for young people during the Festival. Read more here.


The Foodie

As part of our committment to 'Healthy Eating, Healthy Living', a major focus of the festival is reducing the amount of sugar we consume on a daily basis. Our lastest TV Commercial shows you where to find our 'Festival Flavour' meals in Tennant Creek (meals with under 2 teapsoons of sugar).


In store at Top of Town Cafe, BP, and Sporties Restaurant you can purchase a 'Festival Flavour' meal and pick up your 'Festival Flavour' stamp card. Fill in all your 'Festival Flavour' stamps to receive special deals (ask in store about their special deals). 


So whether you are a local or visitor, make sure you stop in & experience Tennant Creek and support a healthier community.


Festivals Australia

Look up when you travel through Tennant Creek this festival season. Barkly Regional Arts presents, 'Barkly Breeze Flying Trapeze' as our 'Festivals Australia' project. 


The Tennant Creek community will receive 3 weeks of FREE flying trapeze lessons during this years Desert Harmony Festival. Plus a committed group will undergo intensive training and create a showcase piece to perform on the opening night of the Festival (Friday 29th July).