Community Help

To assist with any of the below, Please contact Kathy Burns, 0401 620 380


Great opportunity to fundraise!

Looking for people or organisations who can serve healthy food and drinks

(no sugary food and no soft drinks or bottled juices!)


Events available:

BAMFest                                Friday August 3rd      7:30pm - 10pm

Approx 500 people attend

Dinner and drinks

Multiple food vendors required

Arts Culture Exp. Day       Saturday August 4th   10am- 4pm

Looking for people who can do:

- Morning tea       10am -11:30am - for event 'I'm Living in the 70s'

- Lunch time         11:30am - 2:00pm

- Afternoon tea     2:00pm - 4:00pm

Youth Take Over Day         Sunday August 5th      10am - 3pm

Looking for people who can do:

- Morning tea       10am -11:30am

- Lunch time         11:30am - 2:00pm

- Afternoon tea     2:00pm - 3:00pm

Madame Butterfly              Sunday August 5th      3pm - 5pm

Approx 200 people - family event

Snacks and drinks

Only need 1 food vendor required

Dance Hall                             Sunday August 5th      5pm - 8pm

Approx 200 people - family event

Dinner and drinks -  this is an restaurant theatre event

Multiple food vendors required

NT Picnic Day                        Monday August 6th     11am - 4pm

Approx 500 people

Picnic day food and drinks

Multiple food vendors required


Calling people/organisations who can contribute to the Festival Kids Club.

There will be 2 Youth Spaces at the Festival:

Under 12 - Pikka Pikka- ka   10am - 4pm

13-18  The Yawirri Space      3pm - 8pm

Looking for the following activities :

  • Workshops

  • Face painting

  • Dress ups

  • Photo booth

  • Snacks

  • Games/ sporting activities

  • Kids play equipment



Can you donate prizes for the following comps?

1. 'Deadly Kidz in the Kitchen'

     2 x Winner of cooking comps - under 12 and over 13

    Up to 10 participant prizes

2.  4 x 'Dinner Under the Stars' give aways

3.  4 x Lucky door event prizes to give away each day.



  • Overnight lookouts- someone who can be responsible to look after gear overnight at Festival site.

  • Pikka Pikka-ka (Kids space under 12) DJ - play kids music from 10am - 4pm



If you have an idea that you think would go well at this years Festival, please let me know.


Please contact Kathy Burns, 0401 620 380


Volunteer at the Festival

Join the Festival team! A great way of meeting the locals and getting a huge hit of culture is by volunteering.


If you're a local and wanting to get more involved in the arts and culture of the community, or a traveller wanting to immerse yourself in a new culture, then we would love to have you!


If you want to join the team,please fill out the 'Volunteer Unit' registration form below.

Some tasks are:

1. Ticket sellers at the door/gate or checking tickets or collecting gold coins

2. Artist helpers- setting up artist green rooms (chairs, tables, mirrors, snacks, water, etc, making sure they get their meals) 

3. Crew helpers- making sure they have iced water and cups on site, making sure they get their meals, making sure sunscreen is on site

4. Keeping venues clean- bathrooms, rubbish

5. Supporting events - checking tickets, setting chairs, info

6. Cultural Day helpers- cooking roo tail, making damper, art store sellers.

7. Youth spaces - assisting workshop providers, keeping space clean. 


Throughout the festival there are a range of fun, creative and inspiring workshops to be invloved in. Learn new skills from professional artists and develop pieces to present at the festival.

Pikka Pikka-ka
Yawirri Space
Culture Shed
Kunapa Hall