'My Art, My Culture' 

A film event that supports the Festivals theme, 'My Art, My Culture', created by Barkly Regional Arts. 

'My Art, My Culture' is a series of videos that bring to life the stories and language of the Barkly region's  visual artists art work. Each video explores one art work and has the artist telling its story and their connection or inspiration to the piece. 

A beautiful series that showcases the diverse art, language and culture we have here in the Barkly.

'My Art, My Culture' is a holistic project by Barkly Regional Arts (BRA) that sees the 'Artist of the Barkly' (visual arts), Media Mob and Winanjjikari Music Centre programs of BRA all working together. 


This project was created from a need to connect audiences to the regions art. This series offers an opportunity for art buyers to hear directly from the artists about the art works.