FESTIVAL FAUNA - from Junk to Funk

Festival Australia Success!

Barkly Regional Arts have received a 'Festival Australia' grant for this years Festival. The grant allows the community to work with artist musical sculptor, Steve Langton to build six sculptures, in the form of local animals. These sculptures will also be musical instruments for the community to play as well as being functional seats for audiences to sit on.

Stage One- Submit a story about a local animal

Do you have a story about an animal from the Barkly region? Enter this writing competition and win cash money.


Barkly Regional Arts is running a writing competition to select six (6) animal stories for the Festival Australia project: ‘Festival Fauna: from Junk to Funk’.


Write a story about an animal from the Barkly region that is at least 500 words in length. It can be a true story or a creative story.


Each animal story selected will then be created into a musical sculpture. Please try to add as much information about the animal as possible with the story, as this will help with the design of the sculpture. Things to include can be: Description, colour, size and sound of animal.


Winners will receive $100.00 for their story.

Stories will be printed and displayed next to the musical sculpture for audiences to read.


Entries can be submitted via:

1. Email to

2. Sent by post to BRA, PO BOX 259, Tennant Creek, 0861

3. Or hand written and dropped into Barkly Regional Arts at 65 Staunton Street.

Competetion has now closed