Being a Performer

Are you an artist from the Barkly Region or NT and wanting to perform in the Desert Harmony Festival?


1. The local Barkly community

     a) To share their talents

     b) To have an opportunity to get involved in the arts

2. NT artists to showcase new work

3. Interstate artists

     a) To develop new audiences

     b) Collaborate with local artists



- BAMFest (Barkly Area Music Festival)

Are you a musician or band from the NT? This is the opportunity to showcase your songs to a large audience.


Dinner Under the Stars

Do you have a high quality act to entertain audiences during an outdoor fine dining  experience?

Pikka Pikka-Ka

Do you have an act or activity suitable for kids between 2-12 years of age that can be scheduled into our Pikka Pikka-ka program?

- Yawirri Space

Do you have an act or activity suitable for kids between 13-17 years of age that can be scheduled into our Yawirri Space program?

- Camp Harmony

Do you have an act that features young people? The 'Camp Harmony' showcase event features dance, music, physical theatre from young people.

- Kunapa Hall

Do you have any visual works to display? It could be a visual art exhibition, photographic exhibition, a sculptural work, or media screening.


Arts Culture Experience Day

This day is for audiences to learn about and experience the various cultures found in the Barkly (Indigenous and multicultural). The Festival is looking for people to share local Barkly stories, songs, dances, media, photos and art.




Email with your name and phone number and which of the above you would like to be involved in.


Call 08 8962 2799 and ask to speak with our Festivals and Events Team about being involved.


Or drop into Barkly Regional Arts, 65 Staunton Street